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Chem Fight – HTML5 Game – Chem Fight is an HTML5 Chemistry Battle Game. It was developed for the js13kGames competition.


Qlinqo – HTML5 Game – Qlinqo is an HTML5 Game similar to Plinko on the popular game show: “The Price Is Right,” drop the chips at the top of the playfield to try to land them in the highest scoring slots. – All Web Gaming lists and reviews free web browser games with no registration required: HTML5, Flash, Silverlight.


Astriarch – Ruler of the Stars – Astriarch is a Turn-based, Single Player Space Strategy Game.  Versions implemented in both HTML5 and Microsoft’s Silverlight platform.


jQuery UI Listbox – A plugin to jQuery UI which allows creation of themed listbox widgets.


Stratiscape – A simple, multi-layerd HTML 5 Canvas Library.


DB Web Admin – Manage your SQL Server Databases through an intuitive web interface.


DupeMan – The Duplicate File Manager, designed to help organize and manage MP3 Files as well as detect duplicate files on your hard drive. Implemented in C# .NET 2.0